Often times, flossing can fall to the wayside when brushing your teeth. But if you get in the habit of skipping this important step, your teeth, gums and mouth are sure to suffer. It’s safe to assume you brush your teeth on a regular schedule, but flossing and brushing can work even better when done together. While your tooth brush does a great job of removing surface plaque, flossing goes even deeper to rid your mouth of the debris and toxins left behind. Here are 5 important reasons to make flossing an everyday part of your routine:

1. Protects Your Gums
The debris and food left behind in your teeth are known to get stuck right where the tooth meets the gum. This is where floss plays a major role in oral hygiene. Floss is able to get in between these spaces to remove the particles and help prevent plaque buildup.

2. Prevents Tartar Buildup
You know that part at the dentist where they scrape your teeth? Well this is done to remove any tartar buildup. Save yourself the trouble before your visit by regularly flossing to break down that tartar. Flossing is known to be the best way to prevent tartar from building up and turning into plaque. If not properly taken care of, plaque can lead to more serious problems including gingivitis, a first stage of gum disease that causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

3. Saves You Money
The more time you take care of your teeth and gums at home, the less time you will need to spend in the dental chair. This can be accomplished with a regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash combination.

4. Prevents Diseases
One of the largest benefits of regular flossing is the ability to cut down on your risk of disease. Doctors are now linking poor oral hygiene with a number of diseases including heart disease, respiratory illness and diabetes. Flossing can have a significant impact on preventing these systemic diseases.

5. Freshens Breath and Whitens Smiles
What’s not a healthy mouth without a beautiful smile? By flossing just a few minutes everyday your teeth will be whiter, and your breath fresher, than ever before. Like we said earlier, without the particles in between your teeth and the buildup of tartar and plaque, your mouth will be cleaner, fresher and healthier the more you add floss into your routine.

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