Not only can be tobacco use be incredibly harmful to your overall health, it directly links to poor oral health as well. Beyond the typical yellow stained teeth and bad breath lies very real, and very scary, side effects that should not be taken lightly.

Other lesser known side effects include a variety of both short-term and long-term problems – from an increased risk of tooth decay, a dulled sense of taste and smell and even a loss of teeth. Other side effects to watch for are inflammation of gums and increased plaque and tartar buildup. If you develop serious oral health issues that require implants or surgery, you may also find that your tobacco use can slower the recovery time and often produce a lower success rate.

Among the most dangerous effects that tobacco use can have on your oral is the increased risk of developing oral cancer. There are many signs and symptoms that may indicate cancer including sores that bleed and do not heal; red, gray or white spots in the mouth; tenderness of gums and lips; leathery, rough patches inside your mouth; and difficulty chewing, speaking, swallowing or moving your tongue or jaw.

Of course, the only way to truly avoid these risks is by quitting tobacco use, visiting your dentist regularly, and to stick with a thorough brushing routine daily. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is extremely important that you visit your dentist right way. You can request an appointment online with Creason & Weber Family Dentistry or by calling our office at (616) 842-0822 for a complete examination and to discuss your options.