If you’ve ever played a sport, or even just watched sports, you know that sports can be rough. Players are moving at high speeds, they hit each other, and they get hit by balls and pucks and sticks and who knows what else. Athletes can sustain injuries to their bodies, and they can also sustain damage to their teeth. That’s why mouthguards were invented. Here are the mouthguards you need to protect your teeth, no matter your sport of choice.



If you’ve ever watched the Red Wings play, you’ll see more than one player missing teeth. With hockey pucks coming at players at velocities up to 105 mph, it’s no surprise that if you aren’t wearing a mouthguard and get hit, you’ll suffer some tooth damage. Impact custom mouthguards are designed specifically for hockey’s high-impact nature and are made to be worn in a helmeted sport.

hockey mouthguard


Wrestling/Boxing/Martial Arts

In fighting sports, you need maximum protection, this means a custom mouthguard that is fitted to your mouth and is thick and tough enough to take some punches.

boxing mouthguard


This mouthguard has the added protection of a lip guard, as well as protection for the upper and lower teeth. Easy to breathe and talk through, and a strap can easily be added to strap it to your helmetfootball mouthguard

Lacrosse/Field Hockey

Lightweight, custom-fit, remoldable, and easy to breathe and talk with, this mouthguard offers stellar protection for lax and field hockey athletes. Plus, it comes with a one-year dental warranty for up to $35,000.

lax mouthguard




Ever been kicked in the mouth? Soccer will do that to you–wear a mouthguard. The SISU Aero Guard mentioned above for field hockey and lacrosse works just as well for soccer. This guard is lightweight, yet strong enough to protect your teeth. Bonus, the dental warranty and they work for braces.

Soccer Mouthguard


Sports can be rough on your teeth–save yourself a chipped tooth, missing tooth, bent braces, cut lips, and subsequent trips to the ER and dentist. Wear a mouthguard–preferably a custom one fit to your mouth for best protection. Picking from one of the highly-rated mouthguards listed above can save your smile and prevent pain and injury.

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