As you’ve laid back in the chair, opened your jaw wide, and watched the dentist peer into your mouth, have you ever wondered what they might be thinking about? You’re not the only one. 

Lucky for you, we’re using this article to let you in on a few secrets. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of 8 things that your dentist wishes their patients knew!

1. Your Dentist Can Tell When You Only Floss Before Appointments

Regular flossing is an important aspect of good oral health and hygiene, but for many people, it’s something that only comes to mind the day before or the day of their dental appointment — and your dentist can tell. From inflamed, bleeding gums to spots of tooth decay, there are a few key indicators that show your dentist you might not be a regular flosser.  

The truth is, your gum tissue’s health depends on consistent, ongoing care. It’s important to learn the correct flossing technique, then commit to a daily routine. 

2. Your Dentist Cares About More Than Your Teeth

Sure, your dentist will work to keep your smile looking great — but that’s only one of the many services they provide. From detecting gum disease and oral cancer to correcting complex jaw problems, your dentist is an expert in all things oral health. 

Simply put, your dentist cares about a lot more than just your teeth, and you should too!

3. Healthy Teeth Are More Important Than Beautiful Teeth

In many cases, a beautiful white smile indicates a healthy smile — but in some cases, that’s not true. Some whitening products can actually harm your tooth enamel, leading to an unhealthy oral environment where bacteria can grow and cause decay or disease. While there are many whitening treatments that are safe to use, it’s best to run them past your dentist before trying them. 

4. There Is a Right Way to Use Toothpaste

Most people think of toothpaste like soap, where you quickly scrub some on, then rinse it away with water. In reality, toothpaste is more like a lotion; the longer it stays on your teeth, the more effective it is. 

That said, you should take your time while brushing. And afterward, you can spit out the foam, but you should allow the toothpaste to sit on your teeth for about 30 minutes before rinsing. 

5. You Shouldn’t Wait Until Something Hurts to Visit Your Dentist

Many oral problems don’t cause pain until they’re serious. And, by then, it may be too late to treat them as effectively as possible. It’s important to call your dentist for an appointment as soon as you notice something may be off. 

Better yet, by staying up-to-date on regularly scheduled dental appointments, you allow your dentist to pick up on problems early. This gives them greater opportunity for proper treatment. 

6. Babies Need to Visit the Dentist Too

As soon as your child’s first teeth start to come in, it’s time for you to make an appointment for a visit to the dentist. This is usually before or around their first birthday. 

Bacteria can start to build up early, so it’s important that you get your baby’s oral health off to a good start. And when you start to build healthy habits early, they tend to carry on for a lifetime. 

7. Don’t Let Embarrassment Keep You From Visiting Your Dentist

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while or you’re ashamed of your current oral health or hygiene, you’re not alone. There are many people who don’t visit the dentist regularly, and there are many people who have dental problems. 

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to call or visit us. We’re here to help. We’re experienced, caring professionals who work to resolve issues and get your mouth back on a healthy track, free of judgment. 

8. Your Dentist Genuinely Enjoys Cleaning Teeth

Day-in and day-out, we clean patients’ teeth — and we enjoy it! It may not seem like the most glamorous job to many, but we truly love what we do. By understanding the impact of oral health on overall health, we take pride in and get great reward from doing what we can to keep your mouth fresh, clean, and healthy. 

Dentists care a lot about their patients’ oral health, and they work hard to form a relationship of trust with every visit. At West Michigan Dentistry, our staff is here to answer your questions and help you work toward your health goals. To schedule your next appointment, give us a call today.