How to Fight Bad Breath

How to Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath is more than just an annoyance: it can ruin interactions and undermine your self-confidence. If you have bad breath, you don’t have to just live with it, keeping your distance from others and covering your mouth, or keeping a secret bottle of mouthwash in your desk drawer. Here’s how to fight bad breath and regain your oral health and confidence!

Determine the Cause

First, you should make sure that your bad breath isn’t a sign of something worse. Bad breath is a symptom of many issues from dry mouth to gum disease. Your dentist can tell you if you have any symptoms of a major dental health issue. 

If it’s not a dental or other health issue, it might just be your diet—some foods and spices can stick around long after dinner—or your dental hygiene habits—like skipping flossing.   

Up Your Brushing and Flossing Game

If poor dental hygiene is to blame for your halitosis, or even just stinky foods like onions and garlic, getting better at brushing and flossing can resolve bad breath. Food that gets trapped between teeth can be a major source of mouth odor, so brushing twice a day with good technique and flossing daily can keep your mouth clean and fresh.

Get Rid of Drying Products

Mouthwashes that contain alcohol could be contributing to your bad breath problem. While it seems like they give you fresh, minty breath, that effect is temporary. That’s because alcohol dries out your mouth. When your mouth is dry, bad-smelling bacteria can proliferate, without enough saliva to wash them away. Use a non-alcohol mouthwash, or just brush your teeth instead.

Stay Hydrated

Like we mentioned earlier, a dry mouth can lead to bad breath. Even if you’re not experiencing clinical dry mouth, just temporary dehydration, dryness can make the perfect environment for smelly mouth bacteria and tooth decay, which also can cause bad breath. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, not sugary or acidic drinks, can keep your bad breath to a minimum.


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